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​Below you will find all the required Rockwell Automation reading materials and forms.  All items in blue will only need to be read (you do not need to print these items). The items in burgundy will need to be printed, filled out, signed, and returned. 

All documents are .pdf files (Adobe Acrobat).  If you need a .pdf reader, you can download it free here

All items will also open in a new browser window so you need only close the window when you are done to return to this page.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (866) 297-0749.

Rockwell - Basic Training (all locations except Mequon)

       Milwaukee employees please also review the documents below

All Rockwell contract employees, except those working in Mequon, WI, must view the safety presentations above. 
TheTraining Acknowledgment.pdf is the certification of completion for this training and the only item that needs to be printed. Print the form and then complete the middle section (enter your name and date). A copy of this form should be returned to Victory Personnel Services before you start.


Rockwell - Proprietary Information, Creative Works and Invention Agreement

Rockwell Automation requires all contractors working onsite to read the PI Confidentiality Agreement.pdf. Print, sign and return the form to your Victory contact.


Rockwell - Instructions for Entering Time Electronically

You will be receiving a system generated invitation to join Fieldglass also known as Springboard. In lieu of a timecard, you will use this system to enter your time worked. Please note that your time must be submitted each Monday by 12 noon and you will receive your pay on the following Friday. (If you are submitting your time more than a week late, please contact Victory's payroll department at (866) 297-0749, to make sure your timecard gets pulled for processing.)

To register as a 'worker' with Fieldglass, please do the following:

  • open the invitation
  • copy the password
  • And click on the link
  • You will then be able to change the password and user name to anything you want.

    When 'logging on' in the future, you will go to  This can be done from any computer (home or work). The above presentation will provide information on how to use Fieldglass. If you are not familiar with this type of recordkeeping, pay special attention to the section entitled 'Submitting Time Sheets – Submit vs Draft. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Fieldglass helpdesk at (866) 467-4833.


Rockwell -Fieldglass Worker Reference Guide.pdf

The above document is a Worker Reference Guide which outlines the Fieldglass functions of how to: Register as a Worker, Submit a Time Sheet, and Submit an Expense Sheet. This is a quick reference guide.  For more detailed instructions, see the Instructions on Entering Time Electronically above.